Over TWENTY years of experience

Why choose Quadrifoglio Srl?

We represent a tested, reliable and international team. We have been worked in the plastics industry for over 10 years guaranteeing all of our products. All projects are subject to a certificated system of verification that allows us to make competitive our products. A solid company with inside an advanced technical office, carpentry workshops and construction of molds that ensure fast and reliable delivery.

Why choose Polyurethane linings?

The polyurethane is a plastic material created from the union and the processing of some polymers. It is available and it can be worked in various shapes and its great versatility makes it the ideal material for isolating and lining all type of tool or work tool for industry and agriculture. His long duration and his wear and tear, cut and shock resistance makes it suitable for lining all surface and it is a perfect material for the screening.

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We have been worked in the plastics industry for over 10 years guaranteeing all of our products.

Our Plus

We make custom made items for every need. Our Experts are at your disposal to provide you with advanced technical support.


A certified and guaranteed productive process that allows us to ensure the quality of our products.

International Business

Each product is made in Italy according to the strictest standards and is distributed worldwide.

Customized Products

Un’area Tecnica e Progettazione d’avanguardia è a tua disposizione per realizzare ogni esigenza.

Custom-made Manufaturing

Technical area and advanced planning are at your disposal to realize each project.

Our Products

All of our products are subjected to a certified verification and control system that allows us to offer you the highest quality

Ufficio Tecnico di progettazione

Esperienza e Problem Solving si uniscono per dare vita ai vostri progetti. Il reparto Tecnico è a disposizione per studiare soluzioni innovative, accessori e rifiniture per tutti i settori industriali. Personalizziamo le vostre richieste attraverso l’uso di software e tecnologie d’avanguardia per garantire il massimo della qualità e durevolezza.

Richiedi informazioni

Buratti e Vasche in poliuretano

Realizziamo rivestimenti in poliuretano anticorrosivo per vasche o buratti. L’obiettivo della burattatura è quello di migliorare la finitura superficiale di pezzi attraverso una lavorazione meccanica. Siamo specializzati nella produzione/ricostruzione di accessori specifici personalizzando spessore e diametro a seconda delle esigenze del cliente.

Cave, Miniere e Estrazioni

I brevetti europei acquisiti nel corso di anni di esperienza nel settore dell’estrazione mineraria, ci hanno permesso di garantire la sicurezza dei prodotti realizzati. Resistenza alle abrasioni, alle usure e agli urti sono tra le caratteristiche principali di tutti nostri prodotti, per consentire al tuo Business continuità e qualità in ogni situazione.

Ruote, Rulli e lavorazioni speciali

Il rivestimento in poliuretano realizzato su ruote e rulli consente di prolungarne la vita, essendo ricoperti da un materiale particolarmente resistente e unico. Il colore, lo spessore e il peso vengono selezionati in relazione alle esigenze del cliente. L’esperienza maturata nel settore ci consente di realizzare prodotti unici e di qualità.

Our Patents

Quadrifoglio S.r.l, thanks to his experience and know-how in this sector, has two registered patents


Patented system in the Interlocking Modular Panels category, is characterized by an innovative system of anchoring panel that allows us to realize screens with various functionalities in a simple way and fast. System QUADRI MF allows us to achieve a customized screen deck to satisfy all customer’s needs and most of existing problems thanks to the possibility to combine different versions on the same plan. The particolar way of manufacturing forms among panels steps which creates the rolls of aggregates over the screening system area making the washing more simple and it avoids the stratification and enables a faster and better screening (rolling effect). With a simple rolling of the panel it comes out a slow-down effect which improves the selction increasing the passing coefficient.


Patented system in the Traditional Panels category, type CQ2, is characterized by an innovative system of protection of the fixing profile incorporated in the panel. This solution protects the tension hook in a successful and long-lasting way and avoids the formation of water canals on the lateral side. Browse our products.

We Export Abroad

The best partner for the creation of polyurethane products. We export in China, Brazil, Russia, Germany, France and South Africa.

A solid company with inside an advanced technical office, carpentry workshops and construction of molds that ensure fast and reliable delivery.

Please send an email to the attention of our Foreign Office communicating your data and you will be contacted immediately.

Quadrifoglio S.r.l has international business contacts that operate mainly in the following countries:

  • Cina
  • Brasile
  • Francia
  • Germania
  • Russia
  • Sud Africa