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Polyurethane Screen

Polyurethane Screens are the most used tool in any industry. We create screen in polyurethane according to your needs, ensuring theirs quality, strength and long duration.


We create polyurethane lining for small, medium and large barrels and tanks in the barreling lavorations. We guarantee the quality through strict supervision and several tests.

Wheels and Rollers

We apply polyurethane linings for all size of industrial rollers, wheels and tools for every job sector for all size. We ensure for our production unbeatable life time, effectiveness and resistance.

Customized articles

Do you have a unique and exclusive project? Do you want to make sifting combs or special items to improve your business? We realize every type of object according to your specification.

Why choose Quadrifoglio Srl?

We represent a tested, reliable and international team. We have been worked in the plastics industry for over 10 years guaranteeing all of our products. All projects are subject to a certificated system of verification that allows us to make competitive our products. A solid company with inside an advanced technical office, carpentry workshops and construction of molds that ensure fast and reliable delivery.

Why choose Polyurethane linings?

The polyurethane is a plastic material created from the union and the processing of some polymers. It is available and it can be worked in various shapes and its great versatility makes it the ideal material for isolating and lining all type of tool or work tool for industry and agriculture. His long duration and his wear and tear, cut and shock resistance makes it suitable for lining all surface and it is a perfect material for the screening.